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Fastest Ball Screw Repair & The Longest Warranty

We do repair throughout North America. Our company offers the fastest & most dependable service with the best warranty in the industry has to offer. Our normal delivery time is 3 to 5 days and all of our work is fully guaranteed for 36 months from the install date. We offer pickup, delivery, crating, installation, removal, and testing. One call and we can have a truck at your facility today!

No matter what the problem is, call the most trusted ball screw repair service in the nation with several locations to serve you and growing all the time. We keep growing so we can serve you better and faster. Let us help you with all your service and repair needs.

Don't Let Your Machine Downtime Cost More Than The Rebuild Project

Don’t let downtime cost more than the rebuild project.
When your machine is down, your company is losing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars per day in downtime. Don’t wait 6 weeks for a new ball screw. Let Accurate repair your existing ball screws and get it back in just a few days. Our repair includes high precision grinding and testing allows us to deliver a ball screw that will meet or exceed OEM tolerances and specifications at a fraction of the cost for replacement. Other rebuild companies only offer a six-month warranty, our warranty is the best in the business at 36 months covering all parts and labor.

Fastest Delivery, Lowest Prices, Best Warranty

Fastest delivery: Standard delivery is just 4 days. Expedite in 24 hours.
Lowest prices: Repair cost is less than 1/2 the price of new.
Best warranty: We guarantee ball screw & spindle repair for 36 months.
Free Estimates: We will give you an estimate over the phone in minutes

Are You Having Problems With Your Ball Screw?

We do our best to make it very easy for you to get it repaired. At Accurate we specialize in service and repair and we’ve been in business for over 20 years and we can repair any make, model or size ball screw. We can rebuild your ball screw to perform like new again.

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Ball Screw?

Our normal delivery time is 3 to 5 days. The Emergency delivery time is 24 hours. We deliver on your schedule. Let us know when you need it. Ordering a new one can take up to six weeks. We work on your schedule to deliver a high tolerance, precision rebuild that will perform like new in under one week.

What Will it Cost to Repair My Ball Screw?

We can give you a free estimate right over the phone. Call us with the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw and let us know in detail what’s wrong with it and we can get you an estimate right over the phone. We can save you 60% or more from buying new. Example: If a new ball screw is $1500, the rebuild will usually be under $700. Minor issues such as slightly passed the backlash compensation, loss of overall tolerance, noise at high speed, etc. will usually be a 60% savings. Major issues like worn in one spot, tripping servo alarms, balls have fallen out will be slightly more. Contact us with a detailed description of the problems you are having and we can get you an estimate right over the phone.

How Long is Your Warranty?

Accurate Machine offers a 36 month warranty on all of our services. If your ball screw fails to perform like new during our warranty, Accurate Machine will perform all repairs and replace parts free of charge under our warranty. Please note that lack of lubrication, disassembly, crashes, user error, are not covered under warranty. Contact our sales department for full details on our warranty.

Spindle Repair

CNC Spindle Repair Service

Having problems with your spindle? Our complete machine shop can provide complete CNC spindle repair, including spindle rebuilds and manufacture replacement parts for any make or model spindle. Save over 60% from buying new with a 3 year warranty. Complete testing, run in, vibration analysis backed by a precision machine shop with OD & ID grinding, 4 axis milling and hard chrome plating. Call us for all your spindle repair needs.

All Repairs Are Backed By Our 36 Month Warranty!

No other company can offer the warranty & quality repair that we can. Check out our competition’s warranty, it’s not even close. We guarantee all of our ball screw repairs will perform like new for 36 months from the install date. We also guarantee our delivery times. If we don’t deliver your repair project within the time specified, your project is returned free of charge!


20th Century Machine:

20th Century mfg in the USA is a high-quality precision ground ball screw. Replacements are hardly ever on the shelf and ordering a new one can take over 3 months. We can repair any model 20th Century ball screw in less than 5 days and we’ll save you over 60% from ordering new. All 20th Century rebuilds are backed by our 36 months (parts and labor) warranty.

Bosch Rexroth:

Bosch Rexroth ball screws are very good at keeping replacements on the shelf, although I will warn you they can be very expensive to replace. The main problem we see with Bosch repair is that the plastic return (that re-circulates the ball bearings) usually breaks or wears down and all of the balls fall out. Dirt and debris are the main problems along with lack of lubrication. Bosch Rexroth will not sell the returns, they want you to purchase a complete unit for a large amount of money. We can repair any Bosch Rexroth ball screw in just 2 to 4 days. We have a wide range of nuts and returns on the shelf for immediate use. Call us with the length and diameter you have and we can give you a quote for repair right over the phone. Bosch Rexroth turn around times are usually under one week and we do offer a 24/48 hour emergency delivery option on all projects.


The typical cost for most Bridgeport ball screw repair is $500 to $950 depending on how badly they are worn. We have some Bridgeport screws on the shelf for conversion kids or exchange. The usual problem is they are out of tolerance and most users over compensate the settings.

CNC Machine:

The majority of ball screws we repair are for CNC machines in standard and metric sizes. We can completely rebuild your CNC ball screw in 3 to 5 days and all of our work is guaranteed for 36 months from the delivery date covering all parts and labor. If your CNC ball screw isn’t working properly, your machine isn’t making you money the way it’s supposed to. Let Accurate Machine repair your CNC ball screw and get you back into production.


Typical cost for most Bridgeport ball screw repair is $500 to $950 depending on how badly they are worn. We have some Bridgeport screws on the shelf for conversion kids or exchange. The usual problem is they are out of tolerance and most users over compensate the settings.

Giddings and Lewis:

Giddings and Lewis make a very high-quality ball screw that is very original in design. The pickup/returns and nut are extremely high quality and the main problem we see is loss of tolerance or backlash issues. These large ball screws are never in stock as a shelf item and always need to be custom made for your application. We can repair any Giddings & Lewis ball screw to perform like new in just 5 days and we will save you over 60% of the price of a new assembly. We precision OD grind your ball screw with a larger diameter raceway and precision ID grind the nut to +/- .0005 of each other. We install new grade 10 chrome steel balls and lap all parts to mate with each other. Backlash is kept at dead zero and tolerances are up to .0003 per linear foot of movement.

Haas Machine:

Haas has a few on shelf ball screws for immediate purchase and they can be expensive to replace. We have a wide range of Haas ball screws available for immediate exchange. We can also repair any Haas ball screw in 5 days or less and we can save you over 60% from buying new. All Haas ball screws are fully guaranteed for 36 months from the install date covering all parts and labor.

Hiwin Machine:

We have Hiwin ball screws, nuts, and replacement parts on the shelf for most of their models. We can do an immediate exchange or offer a complete rebuild service. Contact our sales department for pricing on your model number. Hiwin manufactures have great products that are relatively cheap to replace. The problem is the delivery time which can exceed 3 to 4 weeks.

Injection Molding Machine:

Most injection molding machines have updated the old hydraulic cylinder with a ball screw for opening and closing the clamp on the injection machine. Over time, the ball screw wears down without any signs of problems until it’s too late. Replacement cost can be in the neighborhood of $10,000.00 and they are never in stock. It’s always an 8 to 12-week wait. Unlike most ball screws, this isn’t a high precision ball screw repair that moves in .0001 increments. It moves a heavy clamp/platen to open and closed positions and what is most important is repeatability. We’ve repaired hundreds of ball screws for injection molding machines. Let us get you back in production in just 5 to 7 days and save you 50% or more.

Komo Machine:

Woodworking and router ball screws. The main problem we see is that these nuts get packed with wood chips and other debris clogging up the returns and wearing out the ball size. The majority of Komo ball screws are not on the shelf and can easily exceed 8 weeks for delivery time. We can rebuild yours to work like new in just 3 to 5 days (over 12 feet can take one to two days longer). We also modify the wipers with a larger and wider backup that keeps dirt & chips out of your nut and works better than the factory ones.

Mag Cincinnati:

Mag Cincinnati ball screws are not on the shelf and need to be custom made to your machine. Our delivery on any Mag Cincinnati ball screw will never exceed 6 days. Backlash, loss of tolerance and noise are the problems we see most often on Mag Cincinnati screw. They are easily repaired to exceed OEM specifications and tolerances with a 50% savings from ordering new.

Mazak Machines:

Mazak makes a very high-quality machine and replacement can take 6 to 8 weeks. You can usually find a used one on the internet or auction sites, but there is no guarantee on how it will perform. The most common problem with Mazak ball screws is that over time the screw and nut will get incredibly dirty and sticky from the coolant and the nut gets clogged with chips and debris from the machine. Over time the nut will wear out along with the balls causing backlash, loose, loss of tolerance, etc. With precision OD & ID grinding we can restore your Mazak ball screw to work like new. We will save you 60% or more from replacement cost and downtime is only a few days.

Morbidelli Machines:

High precision and fast-moving ball screw. Morbidelli manufactures a high-quality ball screw that will last a very long time if maintained properly. The only problem with Morbidelli ball screws is the time it takes to order a replacement, it can reach 4 months because they are all custom made. If you are experiencing problems with your Morbidelli ball screw, call us with the exact errors you are dealing with and we can get you a price right over the phone. Delivery time never exceeds 5 working days.

Mori Seiki Machine:

A high-quality machine and ball screw. Most production shops use this as a favorite. The most common problem is worn out in one section, where you’ve used it the most. In one spot, it works perfectly and in others, it’s loose and will not hold tolerance. With precision OD grinding of the ball screw shaft to accept a larger diameter ball, we grind passed all the wear making the thread an even size throughout the length of the screw. All Mori Seiki ball screws are fully guaranteed 36 months with all parts and labor.

NSK Machines:

NSK is another high-quality ball screw that is readily available for purchase in 2 or more weeks. Replacement cost can be expensive. We can rebuild your NSK ball screw to exact OEM specifications and tolerances in 3 to 5 days. We do not carry any exchanges for NSK ball screws


Small and sturdy. SKF ball screws last a long time and are widely used in different machine types. The most common problem is the balls fall out making the nut useless. You don’t know you had a problem until it all falls apart. We can manufacture replacement pickups & returns, and the OEM will not sell single nuts, replacement parts, etc. The only option is the replacement at a 5-week wait.

NTN Machines:

These small ball screws are readily available on the shelf overseas, but delivery times can easily exceed 10 days. NTN manufactures a decent screw and the main problem is normal wear. We can repair any size NTN ball screw in just 5 days or less and save you 60% or more from ordering a new one. Get your machine back into production and save money with Accurate Machine.


Okuma manufactures its ball screws in Japan and delivery time for a replacement is 4 to 6 weeks for shipment and another 2 weeks for customs. We can rebuild your Okuma in under one week and we will save your company a considerable amount of money. Okuma is high-quality and last a long time, but you can’t have your machine down for 8 weeks waiting for a replacement to get here. We can rebuild your Okuma ball screw to meet or exceed factory tolerances with a 36 month warranty

Precision Ground

We specialize in precision ground ball screw repair. Normal delivery time is just 3 to 5 days with 24-hour emergency service available. All of our work is fully guaranteed to perform like new for 36 months covering all parts and labor. We work with all manufacturers in inch and metric configurations.

Rolled Thread:

A rolled thread ball screw is NOT a high precision ground ball screw. It works exactly the same but a rolled thread ball screw will not hold the same tolerances as a precision ground ball screw. They can easily be repaired in 3 to 5 days and we can save you over 60% from ordering a replacement. All rolled thread ball screws come with 36 month warranty that covers parts and labor.

Star Machines:

Star ball screws are made in Germany and are never in stock. They can be ordered, but you will wait for 7 weeks to get a new one. The #1 problem we see with Star ball screws is that the plastic return on the nut gets broken or worn down and all the balls fall out. It’s a small part under 1/2 in diameter and it’s made out of plastic. The OEM will not sell these returns or nuts separately, you have to purchase new. We can save you a lot of time and money with a complete ball screw rebuild. We replace the plastic return with an aluminum bronze return that is a lot stronger and will outlast the original plastic. We can repair any Star ball screw in just 3 to 5 days and we’ll save you 50% from ordering a new one. All-Star ball screws are guaranteed for 36 months from the delivery date covering all parts and labor.


THK is a very solid ball screw and they can usually be purchased with a 2 to 4-week delivery. We can save you over 60% from ordering a new THK and deliver in just 3 to 5 days. The most common problem is the nut wears out along with the returns or the balls have fallen out due to the returns breaking. This can easily be repaired in our shop. All THK ball screws come with a 36-month warranty covering all parts and labor.

Thomson Ball Screw:

We have Thomson ball screws and nuts in stock! They are in stock in 12-foot lengths and we can custom cut and machine you an exact duplicate. We have every nut in stock and can custom make a flange with special bolt patterns. Call us for more information.

Toshiba Ball Screw:

Toshiba ball screws are made in Japan and they aren’t readily available. They need to be custom ordered. They claim a 4-week delivery, but we’ve seen it go to 8 weeks or more. We can repair any Toshiba ball screw in just 3 to 5 days and our cost is less than half the price of a new one with 36-month warranty. Save time and money with our Toshiba repair services.

Toyoda Machines:

Toyoda makes a high-quality ball screw in Japan. While they do have most models on the shelf for immediate shipment, delivery times can exceed 10 days and pricing is expensive. We can save you 60% on all Toyoda ball screws and our delivery time is just 5 days. Repair your Toyoda and save time & money.

Warner Swasey:

The old Warner Swasey ball screws cannot be found or replaced. Other companies can make a replacement but it’s a six week minimum wait time. We have parts for most Warner Swasey ball screws from nuts, return tubes and screws and we can get you back up and running fast.

Water Jet:

Some of the most common problems we see with water jet ball screws is that the nut gets compacted with dust and debris from the machine, clogging up the ball returns and wearing out the bearings. Then when you go to interpolate a circle, you get egg shapes because your ball screw is out of tolerance. We can repair any ball screw used in water jet machines in just 3 to 5 days. We guarantee accuracy, precision and repeatability for 36 months covering all parts and labor. We’ll save you 60% or more from ordering a replacement. Call Accurate Machine today for a free estimate. We need to know the approximate length, diameter and a detailed description of what problems you’re experiencing.



Do You Need a Price for Ball Screw Repair?

Call us with the following information and we’ll get you an estimate right over the phone.
 What is the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw?
Does your ball screw have a single or double nut?
What is wrong with your ball screw? Please be specific.
When do you want it delivered?

With the information listed above, we can get you an estimate immediately, right over the phone.

Don’t let downtime cripple your company. It’s faster and cheaper to rebuild your ball screw then it is to purchase a new one. You can be down a few hours or a few days, your rebuild can last a few months or a few years. It just depends on who you call. If you call Accurate, you’re down just a few hours and your rebuild is guaranteed three years. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we run three shifts when needed. Regardless if it’s bent, crashed, pitted, worn, or just needs to be replaced. We have the manpower & experience to get the job done right in a matter of hours, not days.

Complete machine shop services with chrome plating & metalizing! Our capabilities include machining, OD & ID grinding, centerless grinding, thread grinding, turning, milling, chrome plating, straightening, and complete manufacturing & fabrication of any parts you may need. If your journals or bearing surfaces are worn, we can precision grind & chrome plate back to size in just one day.

Bring us any quote! For a guaranteed savings of 20% or more! We’ll beat any quote, from any ball screw repair company! Whether it’s for a rebuild, exchange or for a new ball screw. Bring us any quote and we’ll beat it by 20% or more. Beware of rebuild companies that tell you your ball screw just can’t be repaired. They’re just trying to sell you a new (more expensive) screw.

Shipped by Friday, installed by Monday. Can’t afford to shut down the machine? We can work three shifts on Saturday & Sunday. Ship your ball screw to us on Friday and you’ll be installing it on Monday, guaranteed!

Pickup, delivery, crating, removal & installation services are available nationwide. Need a quick price for a repair? Call us with your approximate diameter and length along with what is wrong with your ball screw (backlash, noise, tolerance, etc). Need a detailed quotation? Send in your screw for a free evaluation and within a few hours you’ll get a detailed quotation explaining all necessary work and a detailed parts list. If you’re not satisfied with our price, we’ll ship it back assembled or disassembled and we’ll pay for all shipping. Local pickup & delivery is free of charge. We’ll beat any price by 20% or more!

Another company said my ball screw isn’t repairable. But they can make you a new one in 6 to 8 weeks. Even if another company told you that it can’t be repaired, odds are we can fully rebuild your ball screw back to OEM specifications and tolerances. Cal-Tex not only save you money but we will get your equipment back in production in a fraction of the time. All emergency services are paid in advance plus a 25 to 33% additional charge. All services over $10,000.00 to be paid via bank transfer. Other terms for such services must be made prior to repair.

Terms & conditions for new customers. All first time or new customers are on a prepaid basis or payment in advance (check or credit card) All orders over $10,000.00 must be made via bank transfers. All emergency repairs (including any weekend work) are also payment in advance. Other terms must be negotiated prior to repair. Parts will not be delivered without prepayment. We do not run credit checks or use credit references or scores. All orders over $5000.00 require 33% payment in advance prior to work being finished. If you need to make payment in 30 days or need terms, please mention this prior to work being started



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