We specialize in ball screw repair with over 40 years of experience. From backlash compensation problems to loss of tolerance and noise in one direction. We get your ball screw working like new with a warranty up to 36 months covering all parts, labor and end bearings. Normal delivery time is 3 to 5 days with 24 to 48 hour expedite service. Call us at the numbers above for pricing or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Weekend ball screw repair service: If you overnight your ball screw for Saturday morning AM delivery, we can work 3 shifts over the weekend to get your ball screw delivered to your shop by Monday afternoon. All weekend ball screw repair services are fully guaranteed to perform like new for up to 36 months from the install date. Please call and set this up before shipment and speak with a ball screw repair technician. Call us at the numbers above or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What sets CNC Maintenance apart from other ball screw repair companies?
Faster delivery times: Our normal delivery time is just 3 to 7 days with 24 to 48 hour expedite service. We can rebuild your ball screw faster and cheaper than you can order a new one.
Lower prices: We can save you up to 75% or more from ordering new. Got a written quotation from another vendor? We’ll slash their price by 20% or more while delivering faster with a stronger warranty and higher quality rebuild.

The best warranty the industry has to offer: We warranty all of our work, parts & labor for up to 48 months from the install date. Our warranty also includes the end bearings! None of our competitors can compare to our quality of work or warranty times.

Complete machine shop facility: Precision OD/ID/Thread/Cylindrical grinding, hard chrome plating, thermal spray coatings, FaroTech 3D scanning combined with 4th & 5th axis CNC all done in house. If we don’t have the parts your ball screw needs, we can duplicate in 24 hours. Spare parts and completely rebuilt exchanges are sitting on the shelf waiting to be shipped today.

What will ball screw repair cost me? Contact us and you’ll speak directly to a ball screw technician that can answer any questions then give you the failure analysis along with pricing and delivery times right over the phone in 5 to 10 minutes. We’ll need the following information to assist you with your estimate and delivery time.

1: We’ll need the make & model numbers of the machine.

2: What axis is giving you trouble?

3: What is the approximate OD & length of your ball screw (threaded length & overall length).

4: Do you have a single or double nut (one nut or two separate nuts connected together with a keyway and a spacer)

5: Explain in detail why do you need your ball screw repaired? Is it out of backlash compensation, providing a poor finish, crashed, error codes, all the balls have fallen out, noisy in one or both directions, noisy in one speed, etc. Be descriptive, and explain in detail the issues you are having. The more information you provide, the better we can tell why it failed and the extent of the repair, with pricing and delivery times for that exact issue.

How fast can you perform ball screw repair? Normal delivery time is 3 to 7 days, depending on our workload and the amount of work your ball screw repair needs. Minor backlash issues, poor finish, etc. are generally faster than a seized or stuttering nut. If you need it delivered fast, we offer 24 to 48 hour delivery times with “Red Ticked Expedite Service” where we can work 3 shifts, 7 days a week, including holidays. Depending on your location, we can arrange to have the ball screw here in our shop that same night.

The best ball screw repair warranty in the industry! Your ball screw will perform like new up to 36 months from the install date covering all parts and labor. Your entire ball screw assembly is covered by warranty where we will repair/adjust free of any charges during the warranty period.

EMERGENCY ONSITE BALL SCREW REPAIR & RELOADING! Onsite ball screw repair is for tolerance issues, backlash compensation & minor repairs or adjustments. If you need your ball screw repair performed on site with absolute minimal downtime, in your shop, call us immediately. We can dispatch a truck or fly out a tech on the next flight with tools, ball bearings, etc. Our tech will need the ball screw on wood blocks, on a clean work table. He will also need access to 110 electricity. He will bring his own tools, ball bearings etc. Depending on size, access to a forklift may be necessary. Call us and explain the problem your ball screw is giving you, we’ll tell you if it can be repaired onsite. Onsite ball screw repair service is backed by a warranty of up to 18 months. Call us with your info at the numbers above or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The #1 cause of failure for ball screws is chips, dirt & debris lodged in the nut. This causes premature wear of your internal ball bearings and the ID of your nut. This wear will show itself with out of backlash compensation issues, loss of tolerance, noise at high speeds, etc. A worn set of ball bearings and a worn nut will cause severe errors in your work.

Our solution is incredibly effective and inexpensive. We’ve developed our own wiper system that works 70% better than most OEM’s plastic ring they use as a wiper. We install thick industrial felt that is vacuum impregnated with epoxy resin and is vacuum formed around the threads of your ball screw shaft & inside your ball nut. This allows for a tighter seal and allows 70% less chips, dirt and debris to enter into your nut. All of our ball screw repairs come with our new wiper system. A clean and well lubricated nut will last for years, maintenance free.

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CNC Maintenance will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously. We will never have a company call you as a reference for the quality of our past work. We keep all your work, processes, costs, information private. We’ll never reveal your equipment repair to your competitors.

Precision ball screw repair experts! All of our precision ball screw repair services are done to meet or exceed OEM specifications for tolerance, backlash, repeatability, accuracy, TIR, with ease of maintenance with the best warranty in the industry, up to 48 months starting from the date of installation.

Ball screw repair in Houston TX. Our main shop in Houston NEW NUMBERS NEEDED has been in business for 40 years performing ball screw repair services. This is our main shop with faster delivery times due to being a larger shop, more machines, more employees delivery times are faster at our Houston facility. Our Houston location can provide Dallas ball screw repair. El Paso ball screw repair. Corpus Christie ball screw repair. Louisiana ball screw repair service.

Ball screw repair in California. Our Los Angeles shop NEW NUMBERS NEEDED has over 25 years of experience in ball screw repair service. A much smaller shop than TX with slightly longer delivery times, but the same repair quality and warranty.

Ball screw repair in Ohio. Our Cincinnati Ohio shop NEW NUMBERS NEEDED is currently only open for disassembly and estimates. Any work needed would have to be shipped to our TX or CA facilities. Our Cincinnati OH shop will be fully operational in fall 2022.

Ball screw repair in Tennessee. Our Nashville TN shop NEW NUMBERS NEEDED is available for pickup, estimates and disassembly only. Our Nashville shop will be fully operational in Spring of 2022

Why do ball screws fail and need repair? The #1 cause of failure is a worn nut with worn internal ball bearings. The ball nut always wears more than the screw, the screw is used in one section at a time, where the nut is constantly recirculating and traveling on the ball bearings. A worn nut with worn balls will cause all kinds of issues from backlash, poor finish, noise, etc. The #2 cause of failure is chips, dirt or debris in the nut. Over time debris will get into the nut and cause damage to the nut and ball bearings causing premature failure, loss of tolerance and could eventually seize the nut on the screw.

Got worn out bearing journals on your ball screw? CNC Maintenance does precision OD grinding and hard chrome plating in house to get your bearing surfaces back within tolerance in 24/48 hours. While other ball screw repair shops subcontract this work, possibly out of state, we do it in house, eliminating the middle man for lower costs and faster service. All of our ball screw journal repair services are backed by a 36 month warranty covering the chrome and journals.

Need end bearings for your ball screw? Email us your bearing numbers, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We’ve been buying bearings for 40+ years and get discounts that your local bearing house simply can’t compete with. We always recommend using the OEM bearings, but we will also provide you with other manufacturers pricing and delivery times. Odds are we can save you 20% or more and deliver faster.

Snapped the journal off of your ball screw shaft? While other companies will try to sell you an expensive brand new or custom made unit, we might have the ball screw shaft on the shelf ready for exchange. We can also drill 4” deep into your ball screw shaft and shrink fit a new piece of material, drill, pin and weld it in place then machine to size. Save time & money with CNC Maintenance.

Complete machine shop Facility! We offer complete machine shop services that have the capability to precision grind and chrome plate your worn bearing ends, chase threads and we have thousands of parts in stock for your ball screw. Spare nuts, spare screws, spare return tubes/slots, and if we don't have it in stock, we have the capabilities to reverse engineer any broken part you need made. We are proud to announce that we have FARO Tech 3D scanning capabilities and combined with 5th axis CNC, we can duplicate literally any part you may need.

Got spare ball screws that you want to sell? We’ll buy them all in any condition, working or not. Let us know what machine and axis they are for. We’ll buy them all in any condition. Spare nuts, broken or seized ball screws, chucks, spindles, we’ll buy any and all used parts, machinery or vehicles, running or not, title or no title, even if you still owe money to the bank, we’ll buy any fleet car, truck, van or rig in any condition.

Keep in mind we are a used equipment buyer. Numerous CNC, conventional machines, NC, grinders, gantry, bridge mills, lathes, OD & ID grinders are in stock that are fully rebuilt with updated controls under complete warranty. We’ll purchase any CNC or conventional machine whether it’s working or not, even if it’s missing parts and sitting in the boneyard. We’ll buy all machine shop equipment from steel work tables, forklifts, manlifts, spare machine parts like chucks, spindles, ball screws, headstocks, etc. We’ll buy company cars & trucks in any condition, running or not, title or no title. Sell us your entire boneyard and let us clean it out. Anything in your shop or boneyard is worth money. Send pics and info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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