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Ball Screw Repair

Are You Having Problems With Your Ball Screw?

Accurate Machine specializes in ball screw repair. We’ve been in business over 20 years and we can repair any make, model or size ball screw. We can rebuild your ball screw to work like new.

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Ball Screw?

Our normal delivery time is 3 to 5 days. Emergency delivery time is 24 hours. We deliver on your schedule. Let us know when you need it. Ordering a new ball screw can take up to six weeks. We work on your schedule to deliver a high tolerance, precision rebuild that will perform like new in under one week.

What Will It Cost To Repair My Ball Screw?

We can give you a free estimate right over the phone. Call us with the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw and let us know in detail what’s wrong with it and we can get you an estimate right over the phone. We can save you 60% or more from buying new. Example: If a new ball screw is $1500, the rebuild will usually be under $700. Minor issues such as slightly passed the backlash compensation, loss of overall tolerance, noise at high speed, etc. will usually be a 60% savings. Major issues like worn in one spot, tripping servo alarms, balls have fallen out will be slightly more. Contact us with a detailed description of the problems you are having and we can get you an estimate right over the phone. Call Accurate Machine Now for ball screw repair. 1

How Long Is Your Warranty?

Accurate Machine offers an 36 month warranty on our ball screw repair services. If your ball screw fails to perform like new during our warranty, Accurate Machine will perform all repairs and replace parts free of charge under our warranty. Please note that lack of lubrication, disassembly, crashes, user error, are not covered under warranty. Contact our sales department for full details on our warranty.

When your machine is down, your company is losing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars per day in downtime. Don’t wait 6 weeks for a new ball screw. Repair your existing ball screws and get it back in just a few days. Our high precision grinding and testing allows us to deliver a ball screw that will meet or exceed OEM tolerances and specifications at a fraction of the cost for replacement. Other rebuild companies only offer a six month warranty, we triple their warranty to 18 months covering all parts and labor.

Why Choose Accurate Machine To Repair Your Ball Screw?

Save time: Fastest delivery, just 3 to 5 days or 24 hour emergency service.
Save money: Save over 60% from buying a new ball screw. Don’t wait 6 weeks for ordering new.
Our 36 month warranty: All work is guaranteed for 36 months covering all parts & labor.
High precision and repeatability: Tolerances up to .0002 per foot and zero backlash.
No obligation free evaluations: We will inspect and evaluate your ball screw free of any charge
Pickup, delivery & crating is available: One call can have a truck at your facility the very same day.
Removal, installation & calibration service: Don’t have the manpower to remove your ball screw? No problem.

Ball Screws Are Repaired As Follows:

1: Complete disassembly, thorough cleaning and precise measurement of ball screw, nut and bearings
2: Visual inspection and check all parts for wear patterns
3: Repair pickup tubes / return slots as needed or replace with new
4: Precision OD grinding of ball screw to accept a larger diameter ball (example: If stock/original ball size was .250 it is ground to accept a .252 or larger diameter ball)
5: Precision ID grinding of the ball nut to accept larger ball (+/- .0005 matched to ball screw shaft)
6: Install oversize ball and lap ball screw, nut and bearings to mate parts properly
7: Check for tolerance, backlash and weight movement and make adjustments as needed
8: Replace wipers and seals
9: Disassemble, cleaning of all lapping compound, polishing and reassemble for final testing
10: Final testing of tolerances, repeatability, movement under weight and adjust preload to factory settings
11: Packaging and ship to your door.
You’ll receive completely rebuilt ball screw in 5 days or less and you can save over 60% from ordering new. Precision OD & ID grinding, hand lapping, testing under load insures the highest quality rebuild available. Any company can simply re-ball a screw and that’s fine if you want it to last for a few months. If you want a high precision rebuild to last a few years, you need to let Accurate Machine repair your ball screw.

Is Your Ball Screw Slightly Passed the Backlash Compensation?

This is a simple repair and can usually be delivered in 48 hours or less. This is a minor wear problem, meaning that the balls are worn and the nut has minimal wear. This type of repair is usually under 30% the cost of new. Example: a new ball screw is $2500 and for a minor repair cost will be under $850.00

Does Your Ball Screw Make a "Crunching" Noise or Acting Like the Balls Have Flat Spots?

A crunching noise could indicate a serious problem with your ball screw and nut. The noise usually means that the balls are severely worn and possibly the nut is worn. If you are not tripping the servo alarm, it just means that there is wear in the nut and balls. The majority of the time, the ball screw is in need of a complete rebuild. This type of repair is usually under 60% the cost of new. Example: a new ball screw is $2500 and a complete rebuild will be under $1100.00

Is Your Ball Screw Tripping Overload Alarms?

It could be one of two problems. A: Your nut is packed with debris, chips, dirt, etc. and there is slight wear, or B: The returns on the inside of the nut are worn and the balls are not traveling perfectly.

My Machine Will Not Cut Perfect Circles, They're Egg Shaped.

The ball screws are worn and aren’t holding tolerance. This can be a worn nut or worn balls or both. We can get you a price for your ball screw repair over the phone. Call us with the make, model and size of your ball screw and we’ll quote you right over the phone.

All the Balls Have Fallen Out of My Ball Nut.

The returns have broken and are not able to pickup and recirculate the balls  back into the nut. This repair requires a complete rebuild and will cost 60% of replacement cost. Delivery time is 3 to 5 days with 24 hour emergency service.

My Ball Screw Only Makes Noise in One Direction or At a Certain Speed.

This a very common problem and most customers ignore the nose and keep running the screw. Noise means that either the screw, nut or balls are worn out or any combination of the three. Depending on how long the noise was occuring, this can be a minor repair or complete rebuild. Delivery time is exactly when you need it, 3 to 5 days or 24 hour delivery.

My Ball Screw Has a Loss of Tolerance in One Spot, Everywhere Else, It's Perfect.

Heavy use over a long period of time in one spot, means that the ball screw shaft is worn out only in that one particular area. This requires a bit more work and will be 50% the cost of new with delivery time in 5 to 7 days, emergency delivery in 48 hours. This repair takes longer because we have to precision OD grind ALL of the wear out of the screw to an even and uniform size.

I've Gotten Some Really High Prices From Other Repair Shops, Can You Help?

Absolutely! Get us any written quote from any repair shop and we will beat their price by 25% or more. Guaranteed. We give our customers the best price with the best service all backed by the best warranty in the industry. Compare our services and see the difference.

The Ball Nut Seized On The Shaft.

Please do not try to move it or apply any force. This could be a broken return, a jammed ball, a broken ball, it could be a number of things. This kind of repair cannot be estimated over the phone. It will have to be in our shop and be carefully disassembled to check all parts for wear. Once it’s taken apart, we can give you an exact price for the repair. If you are not happy with our price, we will ship it back to you (or any other rebuild shop) free of all charges and we’ll pay for return shipping.

I Twisted the Nut Off the End of the Shaft and All the Balls Fell Out.

Don’t worry, we hear this at least once a month, it’s a common problem. Something like this can easily be repaired in one day and cost is minimal.

Another company said my ball screw can't be repaired?

We hear this all the time. They can’t repair it, but they can make you a new one in 8 weeks. It’s not that it can’t be repaired, it’s an upsell. Just about any ball screw can be repaired to work like new, only in rare situations  is this true. Even if  your ball screw is at another facility, call us with the details and odds are we can repair it for less.



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