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Linear Guide Repair

Are You Experiencing Problems With Your Linear Guides?

At Accurate Machine we are professionals when it comes to linear guide repair. We can repair any linear guide rail and trucks to perform like new. We offer precision OD grinding on the rails to accept a larger diameter ball and ID grind the trucks to match. We manufacture any parts you may need to get your linear guide rails working like new.

How Long Does It Take To Repair a Linear Guide Rail?

Normal delivery time is 4 to 7 days. If you haven’t broken the black plastic return caps, your delivery time will be 3 to 5 days. We also offer emergency 24 to 48 hour delivery on emergency repairs.

Can Your Repair One Truck or One Rail?

Yes, although we don’t recommend it. Linear guide rails and trucks are precision parts. It’s best to repair all the trucks and repair the rails in a set. One truck may have a tighter load then the others and could cause problems. We only repair single trucks and rails in emergency situations. Single rails or single trucks are not covered under warranty. An even load could cause more problems in the long run with a single rail or single trucks repair. When we do your linear guide repair we do a complete set of trucks with matched rails, we give a 36 month warranty that covers all parts and labor.

What Will It Cost Me For Linear Guide Rail and Truck Repair?

With our linear guide repair the most common repair we perform is manufacturing the black plastic return caps. If the caps are broken and need to be replaced, total cost will be 60% of the price of new. If all the return caps are intact and it’s just loose, your cost will be 30-40% the cost of new. Manufacturing new end caps are expensive, if they are in good shape you can save even more money.

How Long is the Warranty on Linear Guide Rail Repair?

We offer the best warranty in the industry. All linear guide rail repair is backed by our 36 month warranty that covers all parts and labor.

What Information Do You Need To Quote a Repair For My Linear Guide Rail?

Approximate length and width of your rails.
Are you using two or four rails?
How many trucks need repair?
Did the balls fall out of the trucks? Is the black plastic intact or broken?
When do you want your linear guide rails delivered?
Call us with the information above and we can get you an instant price right over the phone.

How Are Linear Guides Repaired?

1: Complete disassembly and inspection checking all parts for wear, recording all sizes and tolerances.
2: Preload is checked for each individual truck and rail.
3: End caps are inspected for cracks, wear, etc. New replacements are custom made for each application.
4: All 4 ball grooves are precision ground to accept a larger diameter ball. Example: original ball size was .250, precision ground to accept .258 ball.
5: Trucks are ID ground on all for grooves to match the linear guide rail.
6: All return caps are replaced if necessary.
7: Oversize balls are installed into each truck and all trucks are lapped in to mate with it’s own rail. All trucks will have the exact same ball size.
8: Hand lapping of all trucks to rails, adjusting preload as needed.
9: Cleaning of all lapping compound, final inspection, and assemble.
10: Test each individual truck with recommended weight for smooth precision movement and preload.
11: Custom crating and packaging, shipped to your door.

Why Choose Accurate Machine For Your Linear Guide Rail Repair?

Save time. We offer the fastest delivery of any company, 4 to 7 days with 24 hour emergency service.
Save money. We can save you well over 50% from buying a new set of rails.
Our 36 month warranty. No other warranty comes close to Accurate Machine
No obligation, free evaluations. Call us with your information and we’ll get you a price right over the phone.
Pickup, delivery & crating service available. One call and we’ll have a truck there today!
Removal, installation and calibration service available.

My Linear Guides Are Making Noise

A very common problem. If the rails are making noise, it’s because there is dirt, chips, debris packed into the trucks. A simple regrind and reload will restore the rails to work like new with a 36 month warranty. With our linear guide repair the average cost is less than 50% the price of new. Example: If a new set of rails & trucks cost $4000, the price will be well below $2000.00 for a complete rebuild with warranty.

All The Balls Have Fallen Out Of The Trucks.

We will need to manufacture new return caps. This repair can take 4 to 8 days depending on the complexity of the return caps, if they’re simple the time is less (4 to 5 days). If it’s a complex design, it can take a bit longer (5 to 8 days). This is a major repair. Average cost is 60% the cost of new.

Can You Just Repair Or Reload The Trucks Without The Rails?

Yes. This should only be done in an emergency situation. Having one truck with a higher preload could cause problems in a few months. It is highly recommended that the trucks and rails are repaired as a set with an even preload on all the trucks.

I Am Getting A Noise From The Linear Guide Rails Only In One Direction. The Other Direction They're Fine.

The plastic return cap on one end has busted due to chips and debris. The balls can recirculate in the opposite direction, but in one direction they are jammed up due to a broken end cap.

Can You Repair A Single Truck Or A Single Guide Rail?

Yes, but this should only be done in an emergency. The preload needs to be even on all the trucks and rails as a set. We suggest all the linear guide rails and trucks be mated together with an even load distributed throughout the entire rail.

My Linear Guide Rails Are Obsolete And I Need To Change Over To A New Updated Set.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for a new set of rails or modify your machine to use a different design. We can rebuild your existing linear guide rails for a fraction of the cost of new and all work is backed by our 36 month warranty that covers all parts and labor.

THK Linear Guide Rail Repair.

Don’t order a new set of rails for one broken truck. The OEM will not sell you a single truck, a return or any parts. They only sell complete sets at an outrageous price. Repair your existing rails and save time and money with a 36 month warranty.



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