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Spindle Repair

Are you in need of Spindle Repair?

Accurate Machine specializes in spindle repair services. We have over 30 years of experience and we have a complete machine shop with hard chrome plating, precision OD & ID grinding to service any make and model spindle that needs repair.

How long will it take to repair my spindle?

Minor repairs like replacing bearing can be done in 2 days. Extensive repairs that require OD/ID grinding or chrome plating can take as long as 5 to 7 days. Our shop is capable of running 3 shifts, 7 days per week. We will deliver your spindle repair on your schedule.

What will it cost for my spindle repair?

Contact our sales department with the make & model of your machine with detailed information on the problems you are experiencing. We will get you a price right over the phone. For a detailed quotation and breakdown, we would need to do a free inspection in our shop. If you are not happy with our pricing, we will ship it back to you without any charges, assembled or disassembled.

Do you offer a warranty on spindle services? Yes!

All of our work is fully guaranteed for 18 months from the install date and it covers all parts and labor.

What services does Accurate Machine offer?

Vibration & failure analysis, spindle balancing & cleaning, motor testing & rewinding, precision OD & ID grinding, hard chrome plating, thin dense chrome plating, 4 axis CNC milling, complete inspections and other services.

Why Choose Accurate Machine To Do Your Next Spindle Repair?

Save time: Our in-house complete machine shop can repair and manufacture any parts you may need all on your timeline.
Save money: We can save you over 60% from ordering a new spindle or buying replacement parts.
Industry leading 18 month warranty: The best warranty in the industry. All spindle repairs are guaranteed to work like new for 18 months.
Highest precision: Our in-house precision OD & ID grinding with chrome plating can hold tolerances to .00005
No obligation free evaluations: Call us with details on your spindle problems and we can arrange for full diagnostics.
Pickup, delivery and crating is available: One call and we can have a truck at your facility that will crate and handle all shipping.
Removal and install services available: Don’t have the manpower to remove your spindle from your machine? Accurate Ball Screw Repair can arrange it all.

Do you need a price for CNC Spindle Repair?

Contact us with the make & model of your spindle.
We’ll need to know what problems you are experiencing, please give as much detail as you can.
Let us know when you need your part delivered.
Call or email us with the above information and we will get you a price right over the phone.

Mazak CNC Spindle Repair:

Contact us with the make & model of your spindle.
We’ll need to know what problems you are experiencing, please give as much detail as you can.
Let us know when you need your part delivered.
Call or email us with the above information and we will get you a price right over the phone.

DMG Mori Spindle repair service:

DMG offers the best customer service and readily has parts available for next day shipping. We can repair any DMG Mori spindle in just 7 to 10 days, even if it’s obsolete. We can manufacture any parts needed to get your machine running the way it should. If parts are worn, our expert machine shop can repair worn out parts to exact OEM tolerances and specifications while saving you over 50% from the price of new replacement parts. Repair your DMG Mori spindle in a fraction of the time and save money with Accurate Machine.

Mori Seiki Spindle repair:

The majority of Mori Seiki spindles we service are due to bearing problems or problems with vibration. If your Mori Seiki spindle has worn parts we can repair the existing parts (if they aren’t worn too bad) or reverse engineer and manufacture exact duplicates. No Mori Seiki spindle is obsolete, we can rebuild any spindle regardless how badly it’s worn or damaged.

Komo CNC spindle repair:

Komo spindles are high quality and easily rebuilt. Besides the typical bearing replacement the main problems are vibration and noise. Because Komo spindles are high quality to begin with, they are easy to rebuild back to factory specs. Precision OD & ID grinding with hard chrome plating can restore your worn parts to work like new. We’ll save you over 60% from buying new and deliver in just 8 days or less.

Makino CNC Spindle repair:

We can fully restore you Makino Spindle to work like new. Our customers usually ignore minor problems because the Makino CNC is a workhorse. After a bearing fails, you need to find out if there is any damage to shafts, bearing surfaces, internal parts, seals, etc. We have a wide range of Makino spindle parts in stock and we can repair anything that may have scoring or galling. Ordering a new Makino spindle can take 3 or 4 months, but repairing your existing spindle can save you over 60% and it’s delivered in 8 days or less with an 18 month warranty.

Haas spindle repair:

Don’t wait 8 weeks for Haas to ship parts. We can completely rebuild your Haas spindle to work like new and save you over 50% from the price of replacement. Our delivery time on any Haas Spindle is just 5 to 7 days. From simple bearing replacement to in-depth failure analysis and chrome plating. We get your Haas spindle working like new

Motor rewinding and rebuilding:

If you’re experiencing problems with your electrical motors you’ll find that replacement can be very expensive. At Accurate Machine we can perform simple bearing replacements, shaft alignments to complete rebuilds with rewinds. Call customer service for your free estimate. We can save you money and get your machine running in under one week. Call Now!



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